The Cloud Calculator

About the Cloud Calculator

The Tool Box for the IT Professional

What is the Cloud Calculator?

The Cloud Calculator is an IT Toolbox. The primary purpose is to educate you on the uses, research and tools of the cloud and related infrastructure components. Here you will find many technology calculators that span from build versus buy tools to calculators that determine how much storage will be consumed for backups based on your retention policies. We also have developed an extensive cloud computing resource library, offering a wealth of knowledge on a range of IT infrastructure topics.

Who is this site designed for?

This Cloud Calculator has material for the person that is interested in learning about industry best practices for designing their computing environment and forecasting the total cost of ownership of their IT projects.

Why did we build the Cloud Calculator?

We looked, and we were not able to find anywhere that aggregated data for the IT professional and with a concise set of calculators to help size computing environments appropriately. The need for data centers and cloud computing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s growing at a record rate, thanks to big data. As the cloud continues to advance, we are here to help educate you and identify upcoming trends.