White paper: Translating TCO When Taking to the Cloud

What are the true costs of cloud computing?

Cost savings and paying for the resources you need and use are two of the promises cloud computing has to offer. However, it is important to note that despite these promises, the cloud does not automatically translate to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This white paper outlines a systematic approach for searching for a cloud provider that will help you engineer a TCO-friendly solution that meets all of your IT needs.

Engineering a cloud solution based on your needs

While it is easy to see that cloud computing can potentially save you money, viewing this as the sole benefit can be misleading. Hidden within your search for a cloud provider are complications that can trip you up. There can be ambiguities that mask cost liabilities and details that can leave your business without sufficient resources when you need them the most.

This white paper is designed to aid you in your search for a cloud solution, helping you find one that is not only cost-effective, but will deliver the scalability, efficiency and availability your organization needs for success.

Download the white paper today, and learn more about the design options and requirements needed to build a cloud environment tailored to your business

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