White paper: Securing the Network’s Leading Edge

Enhanced cloud throughput and security are the keys to innovation

Customers considering cloud-based services need assurances about performance and security. In this white paper, you'll learn how Expedient Data Centers and Intel® are alleviating these concerns, building private and hybrid cloud computing solutions that offer the scalable, on demand capabilities of the cloud, all while maintaining integrity and security.

Taking advantage of the security, performance and scalability of the cloud

In order to take advantage of what the cloud has to offer, CIOs and IT administrators alike must reconsider long-standing trade-offs between security and performance, while applying new approaches to reconcile them. Expedient Data Centers is at the forefront of this innovation, engineering cloud services that include:

  • Enhanced security in private clouds, without performance impacts from pervasive encryption

  • Increased network throughput to support expanding data access needs and system memory

  • Reduced network complexity and cost from large numbers of cables, possibly using different mediums

Download this white paper to learn how Expedient’s technological innovation allows customers to focus on their core business while still benefiting from technical advancement.

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