White paper: Expanding into the Cloud

Expedient doubled performance and density and reduced energy by almost 50 percent with the Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series

Cloud service providers operate in a demanding environment with little margin for error. This white paper illustrates how with the right building blocks, Expedient has designed a cloud to excel in that environment. Implementing the Intel Xeon processor at the core of their cloud foundation, Expedient created a cloud infrastructure that features efficiency, scalability, security and availability.

Delivering cloud performance and scale with Intel Xeon processors

Having chosen the Intel Xeon processor as a foundation for scalable, secure, and efficient cloud services, Expedient set out to create a solution that will help customers tackle three distinct challenges:

  • Keep customers current. Expand customer IT capabilities by offering the performance advantages of the latest data center technologies.

  • Deliver instant capacity. Deploy a scalable infrastructure with the headroom to handle peak loads.

  • Optimize the data center. Increase server density and reduce operating costs.

Download this white paper to learn how Expedient and Intel were able to solve these key challenges, creating a higher performance cloud environment, which helped Expedient offer greater performance while nearly doubling the compute load and density per pod.

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