White paper: Cloud Security Uncompromised

Your cloud provider is your partner

Trusting your organization’s most critical data and business processes to an outside cloud services provider means more than simply relying on someone else to spin up your virtual images and keep an eye on backups. This white paper defines what it really means to ensure cloud security, emphasizing the importance of finding a cloud partner who will ensure your data remains fortified against attack.

Everyone takes security seriously, don’t they?

Anyone who reads the news hears the stories about data breaches with alarming frequency. Security standards are being compromised every day, covered by the hasty assurances that the occasional breach is inevitable, and that everyone takes your security as seriously as you do.

Unfortunately, as you will discover in this white paper, cloud security is not always a guarantee. Some cloud providers protect themselves from accountability through liability language and unstated assumptions, which means that your business could be the left paying the ultimate price.

This white paper outlines the extensive measures Expedient Data Centers takes to protect your data, meeting or exceeding industry best practices for physical access, firewalls, process security and auditing control.

Download this white paper to learn about the measures Expedient takes to ensure your mission critical applications remain safe, secure and available.

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