White paper: Cloud Offerings Explained

Exploring the hybrid, public and private clouds

It seems obvious enough: the cloud is a great option for companies looking for cost-effective, flexible ways to expand and scale IT resources and service options. But how do you know which cloud is right for you? With public, private and even hybrid and colocation solutions available, how do you wade through all the options and select the solution that best fits your business needs?

Cloud offerings explained

This informative brief offers an explanation of the three main types of cloud computing solutions: public, private, and hybrid.

“Cloud computing enables many advantages for increasingly dynamic business IT environments. While every cloud computing deployment is unique, understanding typical cloud configurations and services provides a sound basis for identifying the right approach for your evolving IT infrastructure.”

This white paper is a great resource for anyone hoping to further their understanding of the cloud. Download it today for expert insights into the advantages of each cloud computing option.

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