Real-World Guide: Intel Technology Security for the Cloud

How IT managers can protect data and infrastructure and meet compliance demands

Compliance demands and sensitive data security concerns continue to slow cloud adoption, preventing some companies from taking full advantage. This guide provides an introduction to how Intel security technologies work together at key enforcement points throughout the cloud.

Securing your infrastructure at critical enforcement points

”As cloud adoption continues, so does the evolution of data center infrastructure, best practices, tools and technologies to strengthen cloud environments and help organizations realize greater agility and cost savings in more and more use cases. According to Gartner, by 2015 the majority of IT departments will be using private or hybrid clouds. Yet, for many organizations, especially those with sensitive data and workloads or highly regulated environments, gaining full benefits from the cloud is partly limited by security concerns.”

With this “real-world guide,” you will learn how Intel’s security technologies work together to provide security at key enforcement points throughout the cloud. You will be guided through specific usage models that address the challenges analysts and other experts have identified as the most important for cloud security and provide details on how the technologies work, providing insights on:

  • Protecting data—in motion, in process, and at rest

  • Securing infrastructure—for clients, at the edge, and in data centers

  • Security compliance in the cloud

Start your journey to securing your cloud environment today. Download this guide for more information.

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