Video: Which Cloud is Right for You


Defining the public, private and hybrid clouds

The cloud offers the promise of high availability, massive elasticity and no equipment to purchase. But beware, not all clouds are created equal. This video offers a high-level analysis of the hybrid, private, and public cloud, exploring the advantages of each option.

Not all clouds are created equal

With all the available cloud options, knowing which one fits your distinct computing needs can be overwhelming. There seems to be no number-one consensus definition of “the cloud.” And with different cloud providers using different terminology to promote their solutions, finding the best fit for your company can be next to impossible.

This Expedient Data Centers sponsored video is designed to cut through the all the marketing hype - offering a clear explanation of the three main cloud computing categories – Public, Private and Hybrid:

  • The public cloud allows for scalability on a budget
  • The private cloud offers security and control
  • The hybrid cloud give you the best of both worlds

Learn more about the advantages of each cloud solution – watch this brief animation for expert insights.

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