Video: When Exploring the Public and Private Cloud: Think Metaphorically


Why cloud computing is like renting an apartment building

How is the cloud like an apartment building? This video sponsored by Expedient uses an apartment building to illustrate the differences between the public, private and hybrid clouds.

Public, private, or hybrid?

The concept behind cloud computing seems simple enough. In the most basic sense, the cloud allows businesses to increase their computing capacities and capabilities without investing in additional hardware. Things, however, begin to become a little more complicated as you take a deeper dive into the full breadth of the available offerings – and with terms like “Public,” “Private” and “Hybrid” being tossed around, the whole process can become overwhelming.

To simplify the explanation and illustrate the difference between each cloud solution, this video uses the metaphor of an apartment complex, effectively relaying the distinct differences between all three options:

  • Public cloud: Like an apartment, in the public cloud you are renting space. So while you share the infrastructure maintenance and upgrades costs among other tenants in the building, you are free to do whatever you want within the framework of that space.
  • Private cloud: Instead of renting a single unit, you are basically renting the whole building, which means more security but also more expense.
  • Hybrid cloud: If some systems are not ready to be virtualized, the hybrid cloud offers the ability to integrate some cloud offerings with your current private environment

For more information on the advantages of each cloud solution, watch this video today.

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