Video: What is cloud computing and what part does Intel® play?


The growing needs of a global user base means IT must adapt

The cloud offers the promise of efficient, simplified and available computing infrastructure. And as more companies begin to realize these benefits, Intel is helping to lead the charge, facilitating development of an open data center roadmap - with the overall goal of guiding companies along the path to cloud adoption. Watch this video, to learn more about cloud computing as well as Intel’s vision for the future.

Facilitating the development of an open data center roadmap

Scalability, availability and efficiency – all these are advantages that the cloud has to offer. Even so, many companies remain unclear on how to begin the process of adopting a cloud solution.

Intel is helping make the path to the cloud a little clearer, facilitating the development of an open data center user roadmap. This introduction to cloud computing video is the first step on that path to implementing a cloud based solution. In this video, you will find the answers to common cloud computing questions, including:

  • What is the cloud?
  • How does cloud computing work?
  • What makes for an effective cloud infrastructure?
  • What is Intel’s roadmap for the cloud?

As the cloud computing revolution hits full steam, Intel is here to help. Watch the video today to learn more.

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