Video: Securing the Cloud with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology


Ensuring hardware security with Intel TXT

For enterprises making the switch to a cloud, the concept of tenancy can create a number of concerns. Sharing an infrastructure, renting space, or even sharing a pool or resources will raise flags as they relate to control, security, and compliance. In this video, Intel's Sr. Security Engineer James Greene talks about usage models around trusted compute pools, secure on-boarding of virtual machines to a cloud environment and auditing of the security posture in your cloud environment that are enabled with a hardware root of trust and Intel® Trusted Execution Technology, Intel TXT.

Maintaining the security and availability of you mission critical data

In short, enterprises view sharing a cloud infrastructure as lack of control: They lack control over the physical infrastructure and the controlling software environments. Because of this, they need reassurances that their mission critical data will remain secure and available.

As Intel’s James Greene notes, this means addressing four main areas:

  • Verify Environment – what software is being used?

  • Trust Location – where is actually infrastructure located?

  • Control VM distribution – Where does the data lie within the infrastructure?

  • Audit and Compliance – How is the data being protected?

Intel TXT provides the foundation for tackling all those tough questions. Watch the video to learn more.

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