Video: Enhancing Server and Cloud Security with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology


Assurances for the private, public, and hybrid cloud

You already know that the impact of a malware attack on your PC is disastrous. Now imagine the devastation when the security breach happens at the network edge and datacenter – The result is that the integrity of large volumes of personal, financial, and other confidential data is put at risk. This animated video outlines the advantages of Intel TXT, a hardware security system designed to protect virtualized private, public, and hybrid environments.

Addressing emerging threats across your physical and virtual infrastructure

In an age of ever-increasing malware attacks and more dynamic shared network infrastructures, Intel TXT helps address emerging threats across your physical and virtual infrastructure at the lowest hardware level. As such, Intel TXT provides a foundation that enables you to better control the flow of confidential and sensitive workloads and data to more thoroughly evaluated and entrusted platforms.

This brief animation highlights the benefits and uses of Intel TXT in server and cloud environments. Watch today to learn more.

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