An IT Cloud Computing Roadmap from Intel® IT


Intel IT has defined a path for building and implementing a private cloud for the enterprise

Agility and efficiency: what cloud computing brings to IT. But how do you get to the cloud? What is the best way to take advantage of the cloud without impacting your current business efficiencies? This video highlights Intel’s roadmap for implementing cloud computing in a private environment.

The Intel cloud computing strategy: grow the cloud from the inside out

The cloud is changing the way IT gets done, transforming computing workloads from a monolithic environment that is slow and bureaucratic to an environment that is expedient and well-managed.

Intel’s cloud computing roadmap serves as a guide for implementing a cloud in an enterprise environment that will ultimately result in increases in IT network agility and efficiency. This video shares how Intel is helping customers take full advantage of these cloud solutions, growing the cloud from the inside out.

Learn more about Intel’s roadmap to cloud computing: watch the IT Cloud Computing Roadmap video today.

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