Cloud Security from Hardware to Application


Ensuring cloud security throughout the stack

Cloud security means ensuring full security throughout the entire stack, starting at the application level through the server and operating levels and ending with the hypervisor and the hardware. In this interview, Rishi Bhargava, senior director of product management at McAfee, explains how McAfee and Intel® are working together to create a complete vertical structure, integrating security solutions at the application layer, the OS layer and the hardware and virtual layer.

Evolving beyond the public and private cloud

For today’s enterprises, there is a major distinction between public and private clouds, with security and privacy regulations dictating which workloads are housed where. However, as integrated cloud security solutions - like the ones offered by McAfee and Intel - continue to create unified environments, this distinction is being eliminated.

In this interview, Rishi Bhargava of McAfee shares his vision for the future of cloud computing, predicting that within the next five years, the distinction between public and private will be virtually nonexistent. As unified cloud computing stacks become more common, cloud users will be able to deploy applications with whatever solution offers the most cost-effective availability, without worrying about compliance or security.

Hear more of Rishi Bhargava's predictions for the cloud computing landscape and watch the video today.

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