The Cloud on Lockdown: Security in the Cloud


Creating a secure cloud computing infrastructure

Did you know that most cloud providers don’t own their own data center? Instead, they rely on other third-party vendors to house and support their services. The question you should be asking is, “If they don’t control the data center, how do they ensure security?”

Beware—not all clouds providers are created equal

Trusting your organization's most critical data and business processes to an outside cloud services provider means more than simply relying on someone else to spin up your virtual images and keep an eye on backups. Instead, your cloud provider is directly responsible for ensuring that your mission critical data remains safe and secure from outside attacks, security threats and system downtime.

In this video, we cover the criteria you need to consider when measuring the security capabilities of your cloud computing provider.

  • Who owns the data center? Do they control the hardware and infrastructure, or do they rely on an additional third party?
  • How does the provider prepare for outside threats? Do they maintain and implement robust procedures for anticipating and mitigating risks?
  • What data center software, hardware and security tools are used to support the infrastructure?

Watch "The Cloud on Lockdown: Security in the Cloud" to learn about the measures that you and your cloud provider must take to ensure your data remains safe and secure.

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