Test Your Cloud Readiness

Test Your Cloud Readiness

The cloud is upon us, and it is certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, Gartner is reporting that one-third of all IT organizations are currently implementing some type of cloud solution. Additionally, the worldwide cloud computing marketplace, which currently sits at $46 billion, is expected to explode to $240 billion by 2020.

So why are companies adopting the cloud at such a remarkable rate? The most often cited advantages of the cloud include:

  • Reduced capital investments
  • Lowered operating costs
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved service levels

Watch this short animation to learn more about the advantages of cloud computing.

Even so, there are many who may view this as simple marketing fluff. They are not swayed by the majority, and they don’t buy into the “because everyone else is doing it” line of reasoning.  What they need is definitive insight into how the cloud can help their business.

If this is you, then perhaps a simple test may provide the insight you are looking for – a test that clearly demonstrates how each advantage can directly impact your business. 

Take this test and learn if you are ready for the cloud:

Question # 1: Is your internal IT staff already overtaxed?

Examine your internal team of IT staff members.  Do they have enough time to help you continue to grow and evolve your business? Or are they already bogged down with the responsibility of maintaining your current IT infrastructure?


Question # 2: Are skyrocketing operating costs not corresponding to ROI?

It’s a fact: most IT assets become obsolete within five years. Take a closer look at your direct business budget. Are you stuck in a holding pattern of making IT infrastructure investments that do little more than help you keep pace, not differentiate.  Then why not choose a cloud computing provider and let someone else worry about those investments?


Question #3: Are your computing and operating demands seasonal. Do they fluctuate on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

The ability to accommodate for seasonality and continually fluctuating computing needs is a major advantage of the cloud.  Regardless of whether you choose a public or private cloud, when your needs change, the environment can be scaled to match – meaning you only pay for the resources you need and use.


 Now that you have decided that the cloud is right for you. Download this Cloud Computing Roadmap for expert insights into everything the cloud has to offer.