Why Businesses are Adopting the Cloud

It offers more than just costs saving

When reporting on the benefits of cloud computing, the advantage most often cited is related to cost savings. Unfortunately, despite the obvious attraction, listing monetary savings as the sole benefit is actually quite limiting. And even though reduced IT investment and maintenance costs have their allure, the result is that less focus is given to any of the  additional, and often more important, advantages.  

In reality, the Return on Investment in the cloud will far outpace any of the initial savings users may experience. In fact, over the course of time, the adoption of a cloud computing solution will help companies improve their business across a number of fields– including, but not limited to, Quality of Service (QoS), Scalability and Resource Savings:

Quality of Service

Hybrid and private clouds are, by their very nature, service-based solutions. What this means is that through cloud adoption, the IT department can better define each level of service to create a solution that is ideal for the individual end user. This in turns helps to streamline communications between the user and IT, improve usability, reduce operational errors and enhance user satisfaction.

  • Improve awareness of service offerings
  • Reduce manual operation errors
  • Reduce strain on IT staff
  • Customizable user based policies and solutions
  • Ease of use


Due to pressure from both internal and external sources, internal IT departments are finding it increasingly challenging to meet evolving demands. What the cloud offers is the scalability to meet these demands, without having to predict or anticipate usage demands and outcome requirements.

  • Scalability as networking demands change
  • Fast –  often almost instantaneous - deployment
  • Higher network availability and disaster recovery
  • Free internal resources and staff

Resource Savings

There have been a number of papers and articles written touting the economic and resource savings benefits of the cloud – and for good reason. The cloud offers any number of saving advantages, including savings on capital expenses, internal resources, and energy and service costs.

  • Reduce capital infrastructure investments
  • Reduce staffing and training costs
  • Lower operational costs
  • Less maintenances 
  • Protection against loss due to network unavailability